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Welcome to the Service Guys Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

SGP010 : Andy Schrieber with Pure Vitamin Club and Pure Coffee Club

On this edition, Lonnie and Ruel chat with Andy Schrieber on the creating and running a vitamin supplement and coffee company. Andy Schrieber, with his business partner Vinnie Tortorich, co-operates Pure Vitamin Club and Pure Coffee Club out of California. In this episode:

  • Lonnie meeting Andy
  • Andy’s background

Sep 20, 2018

SGP009 : Brett Wright with Brett Wright Electric

On this edition, Lonnie interviews Brett Wright on the electrical service industry. Brett owns and operates Brett Wright Electric out of Riverside, California. In this episode:

  • Brett’s background
  • Trade instructing 
  • Operating an electrical business
  • Crazy encounters
  • Lessons learned
  • Pet peeves
  • and more. 



Sep 14, 2018

SGP008 : A.J. Hulsey with Residential Window Service

On this edition of the podcast, the guys chat with A.J. Hulsey with Residential Window Service. They are family-owned and operated in Tulsa-Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and specialize in helping homeowners obtain professional window repair and installation.

Residential Window Service, Tulsa-Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Lonnie and A.J. talk about:

  • A.J.'s medical background
  • The history...

Sep 6, 2018

SGP007 : Craig Hubbard with Catalyst Restoration Consulting Group

On this edition of the podcast, the guys chat with Craig Hubbard from Catalyst Restoration Consulting Group. Catalyst is a full service consulting firm, that assists with all aspects of the cleaning & restoration industry. Lonnie and Craig talk about:

  • Craig's background with a franchise and other companies.
  • Acquiring...