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Welcome to the Service Guys Podcast

Feb 13, 2019

On this edition of the Service Guys Podcast, Lonnie and Ruel catch-up after taking some time off the podcast to deal with family and sickness. There was a lot to catch up on. Thanks for listening!

  • 02:58 Surprises from frozen pipes
  • 06:20 To to preventing frozen outside faucets or spigots
  • 10:19 Toilet shut-off valve leak
  • 14:00 Identifying tile type by grout lines
  • 15:28 Types of grout
  • 15:56 Tip to clean grout lines
  • 21:44 Lonnie hates running
  • 25:00 Dead animal cleanup in the cold
  • 29:00 Tip to store potential odor causing things several days before throwing them away
  • 32:26 Restore-It Restoration website redesign
  • 32:50 Superbowl
  • 38:00 Quiz. What is category 3 water and what does Lonnie have to do in that type of loss?
  • 41:30 Shout-outs
  • 41:10 The caregiver club
  • 46:22 Lonnie’s new normal, his mom is battling cancer and started chemotherapy
  • 47:10 Serena Scott Thomas’ GoFundMe page to help Lonnie’s family
  • 47:20 Please Help our Beloved Beauchamp Family
  • 48:11 Thank you for all the donations


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If you have a problem, but not in the vicinity of Jefferson City, MO and surrounding areas, and need a expert to talk to, call Lonnie at Restore-It Restoration and he can provide some advice.

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